Traveling Safe in the Pandemic

6 February 2021

How to Safely Travel During The Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted numerous dynamics in society and travel hasn’t been spared. It may easily be one of the most affected dynamics of the pandemic because of lockdown measures and social distancing.


Pre-Covid 19 era was decorated by travel pictures, delightful envy from peers, travel goals and bucket-lists. Once the pandemic sunk its teeth in the globe, travellers began to experience the shaming that came with it. Travel shaming is when people aren’t applauded for their travel adventures, in the fear that they will spread the virus. However, there are measures that are placed to help prevent this fear from becoming reality.


Depending on the lockdown measures and travel logistics of a geographic area, tourism is permitted; provided the destination host and traveller meet all the criteria surrounding travel dynamics. Here are tips on how to safely travel during the pandemic:


  1. Research


 You need to put on your detective glasses and find out all the information you can about your travel destination. Information you need to research include;

  • What are the current lockdown dynamics? Are the borders open do I need a PCR test and validity on entry?
  • What documents do I need to present upon arrival?
  • Does the accommodation entity have safety measures implemented? Do they have an on-site clinic such as The Victoria Falls Hotel where I can get professional medical assistance?
  • Are the destination’s staff workers screened regularly and wear protective clothing?


  1. Mask- Up


You may need to travel with more than one mask for your journey. A single mask may get dirty or lost amid travel demands. Make sure to invest in comfortable masks that you won’t react to after prolonged wearing periods. It is crucial to accurately wear your mask, as this is one way of protecting yourself and others.


  1. Carry Sanitiser

Carrying sanitiser throughout your journey is encouraged. You will make contact with surfaces which will probably be disinfected, but one can never be too careful. Whenever you touch surfaces, it is advised to sanitise so that you make sure to kill off any germs.


  1. Practice Social Distancing 


Almost all public areas have implemented markers and barriers that initiate social distancing. With that said, it is your responsibility to follow such guides. It may be almost second nature to forget that you are travelling during a pandemic when you are knee-deep in enjoyable activities. However, try to be constantly mindful about your positioning.


  1. Keep Immune System Strong


Being on holiday doesn’t mean you should neglect your immune system. Immune responses to the virus vary individually. This means there is no harm in building and maintaining a strong immune system, which is a lifelong practice that should be implemented whether in a pandemic or not. Ways of boosting your immune system during your travel include exercise, healthy eating, enjoy open spaces as well as positive thinking.


Bon Voyage!


Travelling safely during the pandemic is possible although travel shaming may be one of the factors that may discourage you. You simply need to do your research and follow preventative measures. Keeping your immune in top shape may also help you while navigating Covid-19 travel. Enjoy your safe travels and make the most of what you can during the pandemic.

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