The Future Awaits

4 March 2021

Take a look at the logo of our world famous hotel. It features an African lion, a hunter Egyptian Sphinx? Like our esteemed property it is more than 116 years old and symbolises the ambition at that gracious time of building the Cape to Cairo railway. A journey that shows the true pionnering spirit we exude in remaining the trend setters.

This is just one of the fascinating glimpses of history contained among the rich corridors of time which we invite you to explore a part of The Victoria Falls Hotel on our website.

We are proud to be a five star hotel which is a member of Leading Hotels of the World and the oldest operating property in Zimbabwe . Our unique location and welcoming team make it a must visit landmark and make your own history.

We soon embark on another refurbishment with a classic essence of an Edwardian feel and charm while retaining that warmth and grace of the Grand Dame as its affectionately known. 

We invite you to visit next you visit Victoria Falls, where we are proud to hold prime location overlooking the gorge, the spray of the falls and famous bridge. We have long been the address of choice for royalty, celebrities, statesmen and the most discerning travellers.

There is an air of excitement and a positive spirit here! Tourism to Zimbabwe, and our part of Africas Eden will return and continue to grow with our new international airport, is sure to change those gears even faster as the enticing prospect of direct international flights from Europe and elsewhere become reality and travel resumes in earnest.

We are grateful to so many independent travelers, agents, ministries, authorities and others who believe in brand Zimbabwe and who so energetically promote us across the globe. Our brand is “A World of Wonders” - so apt, so beguiling.

Since 1904 The Victoria Falls Hotel has been an iconic place. A real treasure for Zimbabwe and Africa and one that we know today continues to delight our guests from all over the world due, not least because of our proud, loyal and happy staff who provide consistent attention to quality and international standards. They make YOUR experience even more unique.

I am proud to be General Manager of such an institution and look forward greatly to welcoming you – the Victoria Falls is a Natural Wonder of the World, a World Heritage Site and something one should see in one’s lifetime.

Farai Chimba


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