4 Tips for Wedding Planning

16 March 2021

4 Tips for Wedding Planning

Executing a blissful wedding may appear effortless on the day when all is in place. The strings that need to be pulled in the background however are what make the day seem as if it was effortlessly executed. Here are 4 wedding planning tips that may help you enjoy the process rather than get exhausted by it all.

1. Choose a Beautiful Venue

Choosing a wedding venue that is already in its peak beauty eliminates half of the pressure to make the venue appear exquisite. You won’t have to worry about sprucing the place up; rather you can focus on enhancing the space with your personality and theme.

A natural and lush wedding venue such as The Victoria Falls Hotel for instance, provides you the authentic ambience which is captured so elegantly in your photographs and tangibly felt by your guests. The decor simply compliments what is naturally packaged for your day.

2. Create A Planning Calendar

Once you have an idea of the wedding venue your wish to celebrate your union, you should consider creating a planning calendar. A planning calendar helps you pace yourself and avoids last minute planning. You can pen your checklist in the calendar which makes it possible for you to plan ahead, gather your resources and allocated finances accordingly. You can download a printable wedding planning calendar or alternatively use a journal. Consider having a digital copy of the planning calendar as a back up for a physical one.

3. Research Ideas

You may have clear ideas regarding how you wish your wedding to be crafted on the day, or you might not. The beauty of the digital space is that you can research for ideas by drawing inspiration from visual platforms including social media. Take a look at various wedding venues, floral arrangements, seating designs, colours, food combinations, attires and themes. You may just create your unique setting having drawn from digital inspiration.

4. Hire A Wedding Planner

As much as you may want to be as involved as you can be in your wedding, you may be so pressed for time that you can’t. You may also be overwhelmed by the attention to detail required. Regardless of the case, you can hire a wedding planner. A wedding planner saves you the time it takes to orchestrate the minute details that sum up to the day.

Happy Planning!

The union of your relationship is a celebration that deserves all the finer details of the event. An organic and lush destination means you get a wedding venue already packaged in beauty. You just simply need to focus on your planning calendar while researching ideas. You can also consider hiring a wedding planner that will make sure your day turns out as you may have always wished. Happy planning.

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