Health Benefits of Being in Nature

12 April 2021

Health Benefits of Being in Nature

There comes a time when the fast-paced nature of what may be the daily buzz should be traded in for a sense of stillness and calm. Being in nature is one way of re-setting the health buttons together with necessary upkeep of our bodies and mind. Taking a vacation to a place such as Victoria Falls which is subdued in nature, may have several health benefits and here are some of them;

Increased Vitamin D

Spending time in nature outdoors is one natural way of increasing Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is essential for bone health, heart health, and reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes. Basking in the sun while enjoying the beauty that is nature means not only are you delighting in some of the wonderful natural gifts in life, but also nurturing for your health.

Natural Exercise

Imagine caring for your body by exercising in a green natural corridor while enjoying the morning or afternoon orange sun. The birds cheer you on while a warthog or two admire you in the shared space. Exercising in such a setting is a welcome change of space from the daily routine of gym or indoor stretches. The Victoria Falls Hotel is a space that is appreciated for its natural physical fitness landscape, natural showers from the Victoria Falls and a relaxing background of the thundering smoke.


Enjoying each other in a natural setting means getting the time to bond in a serene area with minimal distractions. The walks, jogs, or picnics together in nature, facilitate for conversation and time that may strengthen your relationship. The daily demands of life with the noise that comes with it may sometimes mean that the people, who mean the most to us, take the back seat. Why not consider re-firing your relationships with your loved ones in the heart of Africa?

Alleviated Stress Relief

Nature regardless of its form whether majestic animals, still water bodies or greenery; may alleviate stress levels. Breathing in the crisp, fresh air that comes with natural settings may help regulate serotonin levels. The feel-good hormone then kicks in meaning the natural medicine may be effective to alleviate negative emotions and thought processes.


Being in a natural habitat such as Victoria Falls, means that you get to make an adventure out of it. The Game Park drives and nature-based adrenalin activities such as bungee jumping and water rafting; all make the time in nature worth-while. The Victoria Falls Hotel makes sure to have you enjoy all the aspects that come with this majestic natural gem that the hotel occupies.

Nurture in Nature

Enjoying nature means nurturing your health while you are at it. You may enjoy decreased stress levels, increased Vitamin intake, natural exercises, bonding with your loved ones and an adventure you will forever cherish. The Victoria Falls Hotel is always at your service as we help in providing you the most naturally luxurious experience.

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