Covid-19 Information for Travelling into Zimbabwe

16 April 2021

The lessening of lockdown measures by the Zimbabwean Government has led to the anticipated opening up of the Zimbabwean tourism sector. A walk in the rainforest while enjoying the majestic Victoria Falls, nature and wildlife sightseeing, and adrenalin activities have resumed. This is made possible by adhering to the World Health Organization (WHO) Covid-19 health and safety protocols, together with sticking to guidelines set by the Zimbabwean government. 

The Victoria Falls Hotel is pleased that vaccination of the Hotel team has been done and the City of Victoria Falls has over 70% residents vaccinated to date. The resuming of services means accommodation for our travelers has recommenced as well as sit-down meals with social distancing measures, health and safety protocols in place. 
Our property has resumed catering for events such as conferences provided the number of attendees is less than 50 as per Covid-19 operating guidelines. 

International and Domestic Flight Logistics 

Both domestic and international flights into the country are currently in effect with Standard Operating Procedures in place at the airports. Protocols to assure travelers’ and airport staff’s health and safety are in order. Travelers are to expect temperature testing, social distancing logistics, mandatory mask-wearing. All travelers are required to have a PCR Covid-19 Clearance Certificate issued by a recognized facility within 48 hours from date of departure in line with WHO guidelines. This is valid for the duration passengers are in transit to Zimbabwe without departing from the airports into another country. 

Additional Travel Preparation Check-list

With the dynamic of Covid-19 protocols now a priority in every travel checklist, overlooking other areas that make your visit and stay in Zimbabwe, is possible. Here is a quick checklist guide in addition to the mandatory Covid-19 travel guide: 

•    Travel Insurance for emergencies is recommended.

•    Make sure you are up to date with your immunization schedule regardless of where you intend to travel. About the yellow fever vaccination, Zimbabwe is not included as a yellow fever zone. If you are travelling from a country that is listed as a yellow fever zone, you will then need to present the vaccination card when you enter Zimbabwe

•    Malaria Precautions are advised, when traveling it is ideal to take these precautions 2 months before travelling.

•    A medical kit that contains sunscreen, pain medication, plasters, antiseptic cream, antihistamine, and your prescribed medication should be put together before travelling for precautionary measures. 
•    Areas such as The Victoria Falls experience high temperatures meaning comfortable and light-wear is advised, while evening in the months of May to July can be chilly and require that additional warm sweater.

A day packed with activities also means comfortable footwear is ideal for walking.

The Victoria Falls Hotel looks forward to your safe travel and experience in Zimbabwe. Should you visit our premises, your health is our priority as all Covid-19 mandates and protocols are in place. 

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