How to Grow Indoor Mangoes

4 May 2021

The Victoria Falls Hotel appreciates the mango season where beverages and desserts are naturally enjoyed straight from the trees. The mango trees at the Hotel were planted in the 1930's 'making them over 85 years old' have, and continue to serve generations with juicy and healthy produce. The hotel invites you to share in the delight during the November to January season.

Growing Indoor Mango Plants

If garden space restricts you from enjoying home-grown mangoes, bringing these indoors may be one solution. Not only do indoor plants represent a space solution; it has been said that the presence of indoor plants nurtures mental wellness. The plants add a light and beautiful touch to your interior decor which you may just enjoy together with the fruits. Here is a how-to guide on growing indoor plants:

  1. Enjoy a ripe mango. Make sure to scrape off any remaining flesh so that the seed is bare white.
  2. Remove the inner seed of the mango by opening the outer shell
  3. Find 2 toothpicks and insert each in the mango seed.
  4. Insert the seed with the toothpicks in a pint full jar and make sure to submerge only up to half level.
  5. Wait for 2 weeks for germination to take place
  6. Once you notice a white root from the seed, remove the seed from water
  7. Plant the seed in a 10 gallon pot that has sufficient drainage
  8. Fill up with pot mix
  9. Place in a warm and sunny location in the house

Enjoy the Process

Keep in mind that the goal is to enjoy the process of indoor gardening more than it is to hurry to the end result. You may find that some seeds will bear fruit while others do not. It is a matter of experimenting, analysing and appreciating the process of growth and nurturing. The hotel looks forward to you this mango season for fresh beverage, and natural fruit dishes enjoyment.


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