Eco-composting at The Victoria Falls Hotel

20 May 2021

The Green Initiative at the Victoria Falls Hotel includes eco-composting through worm farming which produces the beautiful gardens that define the space. Worm farming is the process where left-over food or scraps are placed in garden patches and the worms eat through the food heaps. The worm castings are then harvested as manure which facilitates the healthy growth of plants. Ants, beetles, and other insects also help to in the process.

Benefits of eco-composting

If you have a garden and are researching the different types of composting methods that may work best, you may want to consider the benefits of eco-composting.

  • Reduced pollution
  • Reduced erosion
  • A balanced ecosystem
  • Facilitates regenerative farming

Indoor Alternative

Perhaps you have indoor or balcony plants and wish to practice eco-composting within confined spaces. Bokashi composting may be a method you can navigate.

The Bokashi Composting Method

The main difference between Bokashi and traditional methods of composting is the waste preparation method. Usually, traditional composting involves the process of collecting food waste and facilitating its decomposition in an indoor compost bin.  The result of the fermentation process is compost that contains high levels of potassium, carbon and nitrogen which is desired in high quality compost and results. You will have to purchase a Bokashi Compost Bin which you may find in a Garden and Home store, or online.

Benefits of Bokashi Composting

  • Chemical Free: Bokashi composting is chemical free. The lack of chemicals means you can place the tin indoors without having to be concerned about chemical emission effects in the household.  
  • Odourless: Bokashi bins are designed in an air-tight way that the compost is odorless. This makes it convenient to place the bins in any area of the household.
  • Quick: Fermentation is faster than traditional methods of decomposition. If you use a Bokashi bin, your compost may be ready within a week.

Happy Organic Composting

Whether you engage the eco-composting method in your garden, or indoor composting through Bokashi; organic composting results in healthy produce. The vast gardening space at The Victoria Falls Hotel means we enjoy outdoor organic composting and relish in the gardens and produce. Happy organic composting.  

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