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21 May 2021

Airlines Flying Into Victoria Falls City and Travel Requirements

Having undergone a vaccination campaign in March 2021 and completed in April 2021, Victoria Falls is currently one of the safest destinations during the still-present Covid-19 pandemic. With resort staff and community members vaccinated, both tourists’ and community’s wellness has been prioritized by the resort city. Airlines have since resumed travel paths into the City as follows:

  1. Cape Town / Victoria Falls Airlink flights are active twice a week. Additional flights to be added in June 2021 and August 2021
  2. JHB/ Victoria Falls BA Comair is currently operating on Thursdays and Sundays. The number of flights is to increase on the 1st of June
  3. JHB/ Victoria Falls Fastjet currently operates daily
  4. Addis Ababa/ Victoria Falls Ethiopian Airlines operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
  5. Kenya Airways will resume on the 4th of June 2021
  6. Kasane/Victoria Falls Mack Air is active daily

Source: We Are Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Parks Currently Accessible

  1. Victoria Falls National Park

The park is situated within the town and harbours the Victoria Falls Rain Forest.

  1. Zambezi National Park

Zambezi National Park stretches for approximately 50 kms along the Zambezi River.

  1. KAZA Tran frontier Conservation Area

Victoria Falls is centrally situated as a hub to the Zambezi Tran frontier Conservation Area.

Travel Requirements to Victoria Falls City include:

  • A 48 hour valid negative PCR certificate from the point of departure 
  • A travel history document to be filled in and submitted to immigration
  • Temperature Readings
  • A PCR test for any traveller showing Covid-19 symptoms and quarantine mandates for positive results at own costs
  • The cost of a PCR test in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe is from 60USD - 75 USD depending on service provider.

Keep in mind to wear masks, sanitize regularly and observe social distancing and markings. The Victoria Falls Hotel looks forward to your stay.


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