What to do in Victoria Falls

23 June 2021

Visiting Victoria Falls means creating memories whether you are on a solo trip, a celebrity or are travelling with friends and family. There is a treat for all and the fact that the community is recognized for being welcome and accommodating, makes the trip even more memorable. Here are our tops picks of picks of the month.


High Tea

The high tea experience at The Victoria Falls Hotel makes for a breath taking experience. Overlooking the bridge which is adorned by the Smoke that thunders is Stanley’s Terrace where the high tea is served. Only at the hotel can one take in such a breath-taking view of the famous Victoria Falls Bridge and spray from the waterfall, while delighting on a delectable traditional afternoon high tea which consists of cream and jam scones, cucumber sandwiches and more. Celebrities have made this High tea experience a priority on their bucket list. It is one sure way of creating unique memories in the heart of Africa.

Adrenalin Activities

The beauty of Victoria Falls is that there is a treat for everyone. For those who enjoy extreme sport, gorge swinging, bungee jumping and white water rafting are just some of the activities that one can get involved in.  The constant hum of the falls that cheer one on as one explores the adrenalin within the majestic space, is what makes it all a unique sporting adventure.

Walk Through the Rainforest

Walking through the rainforest is one way of connecting with the majestic falls that blanket over the cliffs and into the gorges.  Not only does one enjoy the wonder, but also gets to exercise as the pathways stretch to treat you to such a natural display. You may want to consider bringing your most comfortable pair of shoes and an umbrella if you do not particularly enjoy a drizzle as you may get rained on by the beautiful force of the falls.

Game Drive

A game drive in Victoria Falls is a splendid way to witness wild life in an authentic and natural setting. The experienced game drive guides share the wealth of knowledge they have about the different animals you will encounter, while you capture the animals in their element. Seeing how animals similarly form relationships and tend to their young just as we do, is just one of life’s wonders that one can enjoy on a drive. The backdrop of the sunset or sunrise depending on the time, only adds to the adventure and colour of it all.

Boat Cruise

A boat cruise is relaxing, replenishing and a way to enjoy the waves that harbour animals such as hippos and crocodiles. Elephants quenching their thirst by drinking water, birds dancing on the water shores and the sun rays glittering on the water surface, are all experiences that are within reach in Victoria Falls. Book your cruise with the Hotel for exclusive sundowner experiences.


Shopping in Victoria Falls is an afro-centric event. One can explore the different curious, markets and gift shops such as the one at Victoria Falls Hotel. Re-purposed fashion in form of jewellery, clothes, hats and shoes; recycled ornaments and branded items are all accessible products in Victoria Falls. The Ndau jewellery store within the Hotel can be complimented by a visit to see how the jewellery is made locally and interact with the jewellers (You could even customize and make your own piece….)

Here is to making memories.


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