Safari Health and Beauty:

24 August 2021

The Journey

Walking into the spa that is situated in The Victoria Falls Hotel, one is greeted with a fusion of scents that automatically relaxes one’s tense shoulders and stiffness in the body. The crisp and spotless space invites one to comfortably slip into a session where the spa carers observe, listen and tend to clients in the respective treatments offered.

Quality sessions provided include neck, back, shoulders, full body massages, facials, scrubs, pedicures and manicures. Whether one is seeking to de-stress from travel which may a times be overwhelming, or looking to enjoy quality pampering, there is a treatment for everyone.

Anchored in her passion for beauty and wellness, Margret Maroodza began her journey in her parents’ house at the age of 16. Having expressed to her supportive father that she wished to pursue the art of hair styling, he invested in hair equipment that was soon set up in the house. She fast became the neighbourhood’s hairstylist which led to her pursuing full on training in the UK , in Chester at the Lillian Maund Training Centre. 


Margret’s creativity, skill, passion, ease of interaction and inviting aura led her on a work journey in beauty salons to a point where her former employer sold the spa business to her, believing that she would carry forth what had come to be.

She believes that for any creation to thrive, passion must be the driving fuel. Passion and purely enjoying having a hand in helping people feel their best through spa treatment and interaction are what have brought her journey to this current space where Victoria Falls and visitors alike, enjoy Margret and her team’s creative skills of spa treatment.

Margret believes that never giving up in the face of adversity is the secret to success. Hardships and struggles are needed to form the girth that one needs to birth, mould and see through any adventure in life.

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