The Victoria Falls Hotel donates towards Electric Fence Project

14 March 2017

The Victoria Falls dumpsite is situated in an open space where many animals, including elephants, scavenge and sadly also a place where elephants were dying from eating plastic. An electric fence was built around the dumpsite to deter elephants and other species from feeding on the waste. The area will be also be patrolled by an already existing anti-poaching team in the area.
The project was under The Victoria Falls Green Fund/Environment Africa in partnership with V.A.P.U. and The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust. It was being coordinated by long term conservationist Charlene Hewat and was recently handed over to the Victoria Falls Municipality.
As a hotel that cares for wildlife and the environment, The Victoria Falls Hotel contributed tremendously towards the erection of the fence which will protect the elephants and other animals for years to come.


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